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NZLI Executive Leadership Programme

CEOs and senior executives in today's rapidly changing business environments need to redefine and develop different leadership mindsets and practices to lead successful and sustainable organisations.

Why redefine executive leadership?

Dramatically changing contexts are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous; organisations are increasingly vulnerable to failure.

Many common beliefs about leadership are based on flawed assumptions, sweeping generalisations, and intuitively appealing but dangerous concepts.

And, 6 out of 10 organisations cannot effectively implement strategic priorities.

Executives from New Zealand's diverse private and public sectors will come together in this programme to:

  • Challenge and reframe their perceptions about executive leadership
  • Elevate their conception of responsibility, accountability and power
  • Expand their capacity to rapidly enhance organisational performance
  • Engage in context based learning and undertake a simulated leadership change experience
  • Integrate and apply new leadership thinking and practices over a sustained period while maintaining their critical responsibilities

Leaders best suited to participate in this programme are CEOs/Managing Directors of SMEs, newly appointed CEOs, C-Suite executives, General Managers and Principal Advisors.

Programme format and dates

The programme format comprises four interactive workshops paced across a seven-month period.

The next programme commences mid-August 2017 and completes in mid-February 2018.

Workshop One: Challenging Mindsets

15 August 2017 


- Challenge assumptions for self and others in connected leadership work

- Build leadership mindsets for whole system initiatives

Workshop Two: Exercising Judgement

26 & 27 September 2017 

9.30am-4.30pm & 9.30am-3pm

- Stretch beyond your expertise in working with strategic challenges

- Create leadership conversations through challenge and curiosity

Workshop Three: Executing Change

15 & 16 November 2017  


- Understand strategy execution and its essential link to culture

- Pay attention to purpose and meaning over the course of change

Workshop Four: Building Resilience

20 February 2018 


- Strengthen shared responsibility and accountability

- Persist with uncertainty and sustain pace and direction over time

* Dates may be subject to change

Who are the programme facilitators?

This programme is designed and facilitated by NZLI directors: Dr Lester Levy, Dr Brigid Carroll, Joline Francoeur and guest contributors.

Programme costs

$6,800   Individual registration                              

$6,200   Two members of the same organisation    

$5,900   Three members of the same organisation  

Costs are per person and exclude GST


Programme location

The programme workshops will be held at the University of Auckland Business School and in organisations offsite in Auckland.

To register

Find out more and register by contacting: 

Ann Moore: ann.moore "at"

DDI: +64 9 923 8807 

You can also register your interest online

Registrations are now open for 2017

The next programme commences in August 2017

Our development philosophy

Learn about the core principles that underpin leadership development at NZLI