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NZLI Executive Leadership Mindset Programme

Senior executives in today's rapidly changing business environments are increasingly called on to work across boundaries, to demonstrate resilience in leading change, and to adopt a collaborative leadership mindset and practice.

How do we best support those in senior leadership roles to develop these capabilities? Many leadership development programmes offered to senior executives are targeted at the individual leader, with a focus on skill-building and standardised toolkits.

Our research and experience suggests that what is really needed to support their leadership work is the development of an agile, adaptive mindset and a focus on leadership as a collective, rather than a solo endeavour. It is this approach that supports senior leaders to engage with the complexity and uncertainty that is inherent in their everyday work.

This programme brings together executives from New Zealand's diverse private and public sectors over a series of three 2-day workshops to:

  • Challenge and reframe their perceptions of executive leadership
  • Integrate and apply new leadership thinking and practices, bringing leadership to the forefront over professional or management-oriented tasks
  • Support executives in their role of realising the organisation's strategic objectives

The Executive Leadership Mindset programme is ideally suited to General Managers, Departmental Heads or new/aspiring CEOs.

Download the programme brochure to find out more about the programme framework and the details of the next intake.

To talk to the team or register for the programme please contact us:

Email: leadership "at" | Phone: +64 9 923 8807 | Online: Register your interest via our website link


Download the programme brochure

Learn more about the programme and the details of the next intake commencing in September

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