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DB Leading Light Scholarship

 DB Leading Light Scholarships for 2017

Applications have now closed for the 2017 Scholarship

The scholarships are awarded to members of the South Auckland business community, with the aim of further developing and enhancing the pool of first class leadership talent in the region.

In partnership with NZLI, five ‘DB Leading Lights’ will be selected to take part in the NZLI Leadership Mindset Programme in 2017.

DB Breweries Corporate Relations Manager, Amber McEwen, says she is thrilled to see the scholarship programme extend into its third year. “DB has been based in South Auckland for more than 85 years and we’re committed to continuing to grow with our community. Through our ‘Brewing a Better World programme’, we’re working on initiatives that enable us to support and develop our wider South Auckland community from both a social and environmental standpoint.

These scholarships are designed to foster development and learning opportunities for South Auckland based leaders to enable a step-change in their personal and professional lives. We believe that this will have a positive flow on effect to the wider community in which we all operate. And we couldn’t ask for a better partner in New Zealand Leadership Institute – their programmes are truly world class.”

A DB Leading Light Scholarship recipient in 2014, Barbara Ngawati, a middle leader at Manurewa High School, says the NZLI programme challenged her professional and personal beliefs, values and understandings of leadership. “The outcome has informed the evolution of my own educational leadership practice as well as influence staff and students so that together we are making a greater impact in our school and community.”

Dr Lester Levy, founding Head of NZLI says, “We once again appreciate the opportunity to work alongside DB Breweries in support of their community and admire their generosity in supporting leadership development in South Auckland. We look forward with excitement to meeting the 2017 DB Leading Light Scholarship winners.”

Since founder Morton Coutts’ created continuous fermentation – a brewing breakthrough even by current standards, DB has put leadership, and leading edge thinking and innovation, at the heart of its business. Today, DB continues to lead the industry as a responsible beer and cider producer, which is committed to growing its people, its communities and reducing its environmental footprint.

The DB Leading Light scholarships are open to all managers and leaders who live or work in the South Auckland area - from either corporate, public or not-for-profit sector organisations.

Applications closed on 8 November 2016.

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Programme Overview

Dr Fiona Kennedy, NZLI senior leadership facilitator speaks about the Leadership Mindset Programme

The Leadership Mindset Programme develops leadership capacity to support individuals and organisations. That means developing adaptive and agile people able to respond to the complex and dynamic environments that are the norm for today's organisations.

The programme reaches beyond generic skill-sets or competencies, and focuses instead on the interdependent leadership work of connected individuals and groups.

Who participates in the Leadership Mindset Programme?

  • Managers and mid-career professionals leading teams, projects or working across networks
  • Individuals or small organisational 'clusters' (3-5 people) from diverse corporate and public sectors
  • Those ready for a step-change in their career pathways

How do organisations benefit from their managers participation?

Through this programme organisations will benefit from managers and leaders who:

  • Think with adaptive and agile mindsets
  • Grapple with issues for which there are no easy answers
  • Engage proactively in the organisation's strategic objectives

What can you be prepared for?

In the words of one our participants: "Stretch. Confusion. Lightbulb moments. Opportunity. The Leadership Mindset Programme is all these things and more. It is not a place where detailed tool kits are outlined, along with a list of tick-boxes and step-plans for success - It is a place where your thinking is challenged to the extreme, and the standard beliefs of leadership suddenly appear flawed and entirely ineffective."

What is the format the programme?

The programme is comprised of three two-day non-residential workshops spread over several months. This format supports participants to:

  • Recognise common assumptions about leadership and management
  • Build new leadership mindsets and practices with experienced facilitators, programme peers and guest speakers in interactive sessions
  • Practise and embed new learning in their own organisations throughout the programme
  • Sustain new leadership practices beyond the duration of the programme 


Workshop One

Identifying the work of leadership

Workshop Two

Doing the work of leadership

Workshop Three

Sustaining the work of leadership
  • Connecting with the purpose of leadership
  • Distinguishing between technical expertise, management and leadership
  • Developing framing as leadership practice 
  • Building robust conversations
  • Engaging proactively with conflict and difference
  • Identifying and working across boundaries
  • Leading through change and uncertainty
  • Working through meaning and purpose
  • Sustaining leadership practice


Programme Details

Find out about 2017 dates and registration details

Customised Leadership Mindset Programme

The Leadership Mindset Programme may be an ideal option for your team, organisation or sector when you have between 8 to 25 of your people ready to expand their shared leadership work to meet your strategic goals.

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