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About the Leadership Mindset Programme

The Leadership Mindset Programme builds new learning and capabilities to help you step up in your organisation.

Who participates in the Leadership Mindset Programme?

  • Mid-career managers and professionals leading teams, projects or working across networks
  • Individuals or small 'clusters' of 3-5 people from the same organisation
  • Those ready for a step-change in their career pathways

How do organisations benefit?

Organisations will have managers and team leaders who:

  • Engage proactively with the organisation's strategic objectives
  • Engage with issues for which there are no easy answers
  • Adapt to different challenges with agile thinking
Programme Dates for the first intake of 2018 are as follows:
Workshop 1: 20-21 March
Workshop 2: 19-20 April
Workshop 3: 17-18 May
**Register your place before 15th December and receive an early bird discount off the programme fee** 

View the Programme Brochure to find out more about the programme framework.

To discuss your interest or register for the programme please contact us:

Email: leadership "at" | Phone: +64 9 923 8807 | Online: Register your interest via our website link

"The Leadership Mindset Programme is not a place where detailed tool kits are outlined, along with a list of tick-boxes and step-plans for success. It is a place where your thinking is challenged to the extreme, and the standard beliefs of leadership suddenly appear flawed and entirely ineffective".
- Katy Glenie. Marketing Manager, Outward Bound

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Download the programme brochure

Find out about the programme framework and details of the upcoming intake

Interested in this programme in-house?

The Customised Leadership Mindset Programme may be an ideal option for your team, organisation or sector