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Building the R&D of Leadership


This conference grappled with the challenges, disconnects, overlaps and questions that reside in the space between leadership research (and researchers) and leadership development (and developers).

It did that through inviting:

  • Diverse theories, perspectives and experiences of leadership and leadership development
  • Unique structure and spaces within the conference to provoke the 'nitty gritty' conversations   
  • Bringing together delegates who represent the spectrum and diversity of people with a vested interest in leadership 

We invite you to take a look through the conference brochure and browse the archives of presentations and papers presented at the ILA Oceania 2013 Conference.

 Conference Programme

View the conference programme as an e-book (requires flash).

View the conference programme as a pdf (ipad, iphone, android users). 

Papers and Presentations

Look at the conference papers, presentations and workshops delivered at the conference.