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Postgraduate students work

One of our priorities at NZLI is to build leadership research capacity. We approach this by piquing the curiosity and capacity of the students we teach and supervise. We encourage them to explore what this thing called leadership could be. Leaders think but not in isolation. Together, these students contribute to the diversity and evolution of leadership thinking, supported by their peers and teachers within the University of Auckland community.  

Our postgraduate students and their leadership research span a huge range of contexts, challenge significant boundaries and ask critical questions about where leadership and leadership development need to move in order to respond to the complexity of today and tomorrow.

Below is a taste of some of the current areas of exploration.

Subash Shrestha - Leadership and Humour

Carolyn Ward - Board Director Leadership Identities

Leny Woolsey - Arts-based Leadership Development

Joshua Firth - Complexities in Software Development Work

Nicola Russell - The Social Construction of Employee Engagement

Alexandra Tod - The Ongoing Perserverance of the Leadership Myth