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Current Themes

Our research agenda is not fixed, it is continually being informed and shaped by our investigations, programmes and relationships. At present our work is broadly encompassed by the following three areas of inquiry.  

Leadership in contexts

We are exploring leadership in unique contexts such as youth, health and science. We want to consider how leadership manifests differently according to the nature of the context it inhabits. This is revolutionary because the assumptions have been that leadership is a universal phenomenon applied in more or less the same way in any given context.

Leadership development

We see a whole pathway of research work that is going to contribute to building a distinct theory of leadership development. Currently leadership development theory assumes that you are building capability to act as leaders; our research is orientated to leadership development which builds a collective capacity to sustain leadership across people and organisations. 

Leadership and governance

We are interested in the nature of leadership in the governance domain. Governance literature primarily focuses on regulatory frameworks and policies.  We are peeling it back and starting to work with the people and their relationships in governance from a leadership perspective.