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NZLI Partners

Since our inception in 2004, we have had the unwavering support of a number of Institute partners. They have walked alongside us in our exploration, demonstrating a belief in our purpose and a commitment to fostering leadership and its development within New Zealand. 

Three of these foundational partners continue to work with us now, ten years on. Each of them brings a unique leadership context, a wealth of experience and a belief that this thing called leadership deserves a bit of time and attention. We thank them, together with our previous partners, for contributing to our success and challenging us to stay at the edge.

"Business today is more challenging than ever before, and New Zealand's future prosperity requires that world-leading ideas and the people behind them must be nurtured, mentored and encouraged to take their products and services to an international stage.


That's where the University of Auckland Business School comes in. A founding partner of the New Zealand Leadership Institute, the School has developed a series of interconnected initiatives that make up its entrepreneurial eco-system. And it's a winning formula like no other in Australasia. Programmes such as the student-led Spark $100,000 Challenge, business incubator The ICEHOUSE, and the $1 million Entrepreneurs' Challenge supported by ex-pat New Zealand financier Charles Bidwill are all designed to support and nurture people and the business ideas that have potential to not only revolutionise their markets, but also to enhance the growth, productivity and global competitiveness of New Zealand enterprises.


The New Zealand Leadership Institute stands beside us offering valuable contributions to our mission to become one of Asia Pacific's foremost research-led business schools. Not only is it delivering highly innovative leadership development programmes that are having a significant impact on the communities they serve, it is also generating research that will further serve to cement our international reputation as a School that consistently fosters original and creative leading-edge research on matters of importance to the development of New Zealand.


I invite you to involve yourself in the continued evolution and development of New Zealand's Leadership Institute."


Professor Greg Whittred - Dean, The University of Auckland Business School and NZLI Board Member


"People have a deep need to understand where the company is headed, because unless they have that real understanding they will not be willing to fully engage. Also, and of critical importance, they want to be part of the process of developing that direction.


It is vital to establish a high level of trust across the organisation if you are to harness the potential of the people who work within your organisation. The more you can tell your people about what is going on in the organisation, then the greater the opportunity to build trust and commitment."

Brian Blake - DB Breweries and Current Chair of NZLI Board of Trustees


The DB Breweries story began in 1930, when Sir Henry Keliher and the Coutts family founded Dominion Breweries on the Waitemata Brewery site in Otahuhu, Auckland. With their collective entrepreneurial spirit, innovative thinking and leadership approach, the founding fathers set the benchmark for the years to come.


Having revolutionised the world of brewing in the 1950s with the invention of the continuous fermentation brewing process, which was quickly adopted by breweries worldwide, DB Breweries went on the produce a series of firsts with its unique beer styles and brewing innovations. In fact, its leadership mind-set was apparent from the early days when, in 1937, it became the first company in New Zealand to introduce an annual bonus for its staff based on profits and much later, in 1986, introduced low-alcohol beer to New Zealanders.


DB Breweries remains a solid and reputable company operating four breweries and numerous offices throughout New Zealand. Its' iconic Kiwi beers are still enjoyed locally and its international offerings, globally recognised through numerous awards. Over the years its focus on brewing innovation hasn't wavered and to this day DB Breweries continues to experiment with new beer systems and styles.


DB Breweries knows success depends on its ability to create an environment where it aligns the aspirations of individuals with the vision of company towards an exciting future. By supporting partnerships such as with the New Zealand Leadership Institute, DB Breweries can help develop New Zealand's pool of leadership talent, a focus which resonates with its business and brand strategies going forward.

Successful organisations always share one common feature - great people. It is the people factor more than any other that determines whether organisations succeed.


Hudson is in the business of helping employers find (and develop) quality employees, and identifying and developing leaders in the workplace.


In our experience, organisations need to focus on developing the leadership skills of their people, particularly people management skills. Those organisations need to have the ability to identify future leaders and look for the qualities which most research tells us make the best managers.That requires an investment in a very structured and well considered process that enables the organisation to make informed decisions about their leaders, and to ensure the investment they make in leadership development is relevant, meaningful and cost-effective.


We at Hudson bring our knowledge and experience as well as our practical focus to the New Zealand Leadership Institute partnership. Together with the other partners, we very much look forward to contributing meaningfully to the development of leaders and leadership in NZ.

"Having had the opportunity to observe many senior leaders across several countries I believe that both the innate and learned characteristics of effective leaders can truly transform an organisations performance and its culture. Understanding better what can make natural leaders excel and nurture those who are developing leadership capabilities is an extremely worthy pursuit.


New Zealand's challenge for the future is to outperform our competitors, to innovate and grow. World class leadership is the most critical element of success to meet this challenge. As an Institute partner Deloitte is proud to be part of New Zealand's leadership challenge."


Matthew Hitch, Managing Partner, Consulting, Deloitte and NZLI Board Member 


Harnessing sound leadership with strategic vision and evolving the organisation to overcome new challenges is the key for any success in any business. Deloitte recognises that business success and growth for the country as a whole requires New Zealand to develop leadership and management capabilities in its people. We nurture and support these leadership capabilities as trusted advisors to our clients and through active involvement with organisations that build leadership skills.


Deloitte brings together over 700 specialists providing audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services to New Zealand's leading organisations and to smaller businesses with ambition to grow. We draw on best practice and innovative methodologies from around the world as part of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, whose 135,000 people in nearly 140 countries serve more than 80 percent of the world's largest companies.


Deloitte is pleased to support the New Zealand Leadership Institute with its commitment to improve the lives of all New Zealanders through the cultivation of leadership talents.