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In-house and customised programmes

We are often approached by HR and OD professionals who feel that some of the more traditional approaches to leadership development are not meeting the needs of their organisation.

They are seeking a fresh approach to growing the leadership capacity within their teams. At NZLI, our underlying assumption is that things are always in motion, constantly evolving, and we believe the kind of leadership that will effectively respond to this challenge is based on adaptive practice, rather than a static skillset.

We work from the premise that leadership is meaningless without context. Customisation of the leadership development process therefore becomes critical when working with groups who hold a shared context. Our in-house programmes typically integrate a rigorous research component prior to the start of the programme.  This ensures we have a depth of understanding that will enable us to be responsive to the challenges and dynamics at play.

Most organisations have moved beyond the myth of the ‘hero leader’, the exceptional executive who provides the single vision for the organisation. More relevant today is the power of leadership behaviours that are embedded at all levels of the organisation. Our aim is not to churn out a group of polished ‘leaders’, but to create an environment in which a leadership mindset pervades and where sustainable change is possible.

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