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Hillary Leadership Programme

As a senior executive, many people look to you for certainty.

They expect you to provide answers and to inject the innovation and strategic direction that will lead the organisation forward. Paradoxically, this responsibility can weigh you down and impact your ability to take risks and be creative.

At NZLI, we believe leadership is as much about asking the right questions as it is about having the answers. We want you to experience the creative energy and freedom that can emerge when you don’t feel compelled to jump to solution-mode. The thought of taking time to reflect, reframe and recalibrate seems like a luxury many senior leaders can’t afford. But in these fast-paced times that seem to be characterised by intractable problems, can you afford not to?

Imagine the value of participating alongside a group of people who understand your challenges, who can offer honest and meaningful feedback, and who provide you with a rare outlet for things that have few places to vent. The nature of this programme provides the time and space for you to build deep connections with your peers that go well beyond superficial banter.

The Hillary Leadership Programme exposed participants to new ideas that shook-up their existing paradigms, that challenged them to step off that well-trodden path to help them see boundaries and possibilities in new and surprising ways.

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