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Emerging leaders development

Just as we believe leadership is not an individual pursuit – we have come to understand nor is developing leadership capability within New Zealand businesses and community organisations – it takes collective endeavours. 

Over the past ten years NZLI has designed and delivered several cohorts of our Future Leaders Programme. It is exciting to see and hear where many of those eager and energetic alumni are now contributing to New Zealand and International businesses through their leadership practice.

More recently, in providing leadership development for those who are starting out on exploring what this thing called leadership might be, or take to enact, we’re working collaboratively with other host organisations.  

What this means is we’re currently jointly engaged in co-designing and delivering customized programmes alongside those especially committed to developing emerging leaders. These organisations span various contexts and communities, with the collective aspiration to develop leaders for the complex and dynamic environments that are the norm for the 21st century.

Previous Emerging Leaders Programmes

DB Breweries Potential Leaders Programme

The University of Auckland 360 Student Leadership Programme

BEST Leadership Academy

Our development philosophy

Learn about the core principles that underpin leadership development at NZLI