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Leadership Mindset Programme

While it would be great if there was a standard-issue swiss-army knife for leaders, with a tool for every occasion, people aren’t so simple. 

Leadership, unlike management, cannot be reduced to a set of skills. If anything defines leadership, it is a mindset. We have designed a programme to help you grow and evolve your leadership mindset whilst drawing on the specific and tangible contexts you work within.

Leadership is not a solo act. It involves people. Wonderfully complex, diverse people. And it cannot be divorced from context. To do so would be pointless. So it begs the question – What purpose would it serve to acquire a generic set of leadership skills; a ‘coat’ that one could reach for in times of need? 

In today’s complex world, what is called for is not a tidy toolkit, but a mindset that is increasingly aware, inquisitive and agile. To develop such a mindset requires an openness to new perspectives, willingness to acknowledge what has become entrenched, an appreciation of uncertainty and ambiguity… and practice. Lots and lots of practice.

So how do you address those complicated and thorny issues? How do you go about finding new solutions to old problems? At NZLI, we believe in rocking the boat. We like to turn things on their head. We think that engaging with conflict and difference can be productive. And we believe that, with the right mindset, individuals and organisations can tackling seemingly intractable challenges and create new opportunities.


Dr Fiona Kennedy, NZLI senior leadership facilitator speaks about the Leadership Mindset Programme

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