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In a world that is witnessing unprecedented change and complexity, the call for better and more enlightened leadership has intensified. 

In spite of its prevalence and popularity, the concept of leadership remains shrouded in mystery. It is often perceived as an elusive, intangible concept and one that has perplexed and fascinated people for centuries. 

Whilst media hyperbole has served to place leadership prominently in the public consciousness, much of what is characterized as leadership insight is debatable. Wading through the plethora of literature to get to the heart of the matter requires sustained reflection upon, and a deeper understanding of, the substance of leadership. 

This is what we believe leadership education is all about. Developing a deep understanding of the leadership phenomenon. Taking the time to explore it from a range of historical and geographical perspectives. Rather than focusing on the development of one’s own leadership capacity, the study of leadership seeks to explore the topic from a more neutral and less emotive position.

Leaders think but not in isolation. At NZLI, we recognize the importance of leadership education alongside our development and research initiatives. Through our strong ties to the University of Auckland Business School, we contribute to the teaching of leadership in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, the supervision of post-graduate students and the provision of executive education.

Postgraduate students

Get a taste for some of the amazing leadership research students are engaged in.