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Leadership Development Programmes

The word ‘Development’ to us evokes a sense of evolution over time. 

A process of expanding, deepening, broadening, refining.  It was no accident that we chose this word to reflect the work that we do around building leadership capacity.  To call it training would simply not do it justice.  It is not about presenting the answers, it is not about toolkits or checklists.  It is not a passive process, but rather one in which the participants, with their many biases, assumptions, aspirations and experiences, are integral.  

Leadership grows through challenging interactions.  Having the courage to veer off the beaten track; rubbing up against ideas that disrupt and unsettle; engaging in conversation with someone who sees the world from a very different lens.  We believe that such interactions help us to see our own assumptions more clearly, to view challenges from a different angle, and create new understanding and possibilities that might not have otherwise surfaced.

This philosophy is a key premise underpinning much of our development work.  We recognise and embrace our own challenging interactions within our development work for the ways in which they illuminate and confront our ways of seeing and working, and further contribute to our understanding of leadership. 

If you’re curious about our programme portfolio, you will find our core offerings to the right.  But if you don’t feel like your needs fit into one of these boxes, don’t despair!  We’re always up for a conversation, and we welcome you to get in touch so we can explore other possibilities of how we might engage with you.

The Executive Leadership Mindset Programme

What do today's senior executives really need in order to develop effective leadership in their organisations?

The Leadership Mindset Programme

Imagine if there was a standard-issue Swiss-army knife for leaders, with a tool for every occasion.  Unfortunately, people aren’t so simple.

In-house Leadership Programmes

Will a 360⁰ survey really develop your people into well-rounded leaders? Can a static leadership model respond to your organisation's needs?

Emerging Leaders Development

Leadership isn't reserved for those in positions of authority. See how we engage in emerging leaders development.