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Successful transitions in NFP leadership

A workshop with Distinguished Professor Michael J Austin

From client to organisation to community centred ledership

20 March 2017

A collaborative initiative to support leadership in not-for-profit organisations sees Dr Michael J Austin from the University of California, Berkeley present a series of events at the University of Auckland, with the Faculty of Education and Social Work, the Business School and New Zealand Leadership Institute (NZLI).

NZLI is co-hosting an interactive workshop with Michael J Austin - Successful transitions in not-for-profit leadership: From client to organisation to community centred leadership. 

This workshop is for both new and experienced in not-for-profit sector leadership who are committed to developing their leadership repertoire and orientating their leadership to larger questions and larger spheres to pursue greater community and societal impact.

Successful not-for-profit leadership relies on repeated profound personal, professional and organizational transformation and learning in, not only the tasks and activities associated with such leadership, but mindset, identity and relationships.

The overall transition is from a position of independence (own client and organisation's interests) to interdependence (awareness of larger system with competing agendas and multiple stakeholders).

This workshop will help not-for-profit leaders understand and develop a set of mindset, identity and relationship strategies for the transitions involved in developing a larger systems leadership orientation.

Professor Austin is the Milton and Florence Krenz Mack Distinguished Professor of Nonprofit Management and director of the Mack Center on Nonprofit and Public Sector Management in Human Services at the School of Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley.

He is the former dean of the University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Work. His areas of research include the social psychology of organisational role taking, building organisational knowledge-sharing systems to support evidence-informed practice, and expanding the methodologies of practice research.

Michael's publications reflect a long-standing interest in the management of non-profit and public sector organisations. He is the author or co-author of 20 books, over 100 articles and numerous reports. He serves as Editor of Human Service Organizations; Management, Leadership and Governance. He recently published a Mack Center research report on pioneering non-profit human service organisations (Organizational Histories of Nonprofit Human Service Organizations, Routledge, 2013). His work on management practice includes Supervision as Collaboration in the Human Services: Building a Learning Culture. Sage Publications, 2004 (with K. Hopkins) and Managing the Challenges in Human Service Organizations: A Casebook, Sage Publications, 2009 (with R Brody and T Packard). His most recent publication is Social Justice and Social Work: Rediscovering a Core Value of the Profession (Sage, 2014).

Event details

There is no charge to attend this workshop, however registration is essential.

Date & Time

Monday 20 March, 2-4pm


The University of Auckland Business School
Owen G Glenn Building
12 Grafton Road, Auckland 1010
Level 3, Decima Glenn Room


Due to the start of semester for students, Business School parking is at capacity at this time so we recommend alternative transport or parking arrangements.

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