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Customised Leadership Mindset Programme

Leadership work is relational, connected, and beyond the scope of what any one person can resolve individually, within a team, across an organization, or sector.

A customised Leadership Mindset Programme will expand the leadership capacity of your people by developing their ability to challenge assumptions and confront the realities you are facing. It is ideal for groups ranging from between 8 to 25 people.

By taking a mindset approach leaders learn to build a shared understanding of their leadership work, and together create new approaches and practices better able to shift the organisation towards your strategic direction.

The Leadership Mindset Programme consists of a series of workshops scheduled over several months to provide ample time for participants to embed learning directly into their real work.

To understand your organisational context, challenges, and the purpose that calls for leadership work we undertake pre-programme scoping conversations with you. 


To start a conversation about your organisation’s leadership development please contact:

Ann Moore

Phone: 09 923 8807 | 021 446 084



Find out about the NZLI flagship Leadership Mindset Programme that is an ideal option for individual and small groups of middle to senior managers.