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Ever tried to articulate a definition of leadership in one concise sentence? We’d argue it can’t really be done. 

There are thousands of books about it, it proliferates in the media, is blamed for tragedy and applauded when things are going great. Because leadership is such a broad, complex and contested topic, it often holds different meaning for different people. This is part of its charm.   

Leadership. Recognising it, unpicking it, theorising it, understanding it, questioning it, developing it. This is our daily work.  Our passion. Our contribution to New Zealand. 

We are a unique place where leadership research, education and development co-exist. We do them all because we think they are fundamentally interconnected. Whatever part of our story piqued your curiosity, welcome.

NZLI merges with University of Auckland Business School

We are delighted to announce our recent merger to further enhance and strenthen leadership development in New Zealand

2017 Alumni Leadership Fellowship receipient announced

Congratulations to Nicky Smith, HEB Construction, who has received a scholarship to participate in the upcoming Leadership Mindset Programme

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